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The Healing Benefits of Foot Bath

What is a foot bath?

Even without adding any other elements, just by soaking your tired feet into a bath of warm water helps to make you feel relaxed. A foot bath is more than just soaking your feet in a bath of warm water to relax your exhausted physics. There are several different types of elements and healing benefits that comes with each of them.

What are the different types of foot bath?

At Twenty Nails, we offer six different types of foot bath to suit different needs.


A safe and effective treatment for various foot problems that contains 14 types of natural herbs. It has an intensive and deodorising action. Regular use promotes sleep, reduces or even eradicates foot odour and treats colds. It is also recommended for people with arthritis or joint pain.


The Nourishing Milk Foot Bath pampers your tired feet with milk that soothes and softens the skin, resulting in super touchable soft feet immediately.

milk foot bath


Wild Ginger helps to relax the body and cleanses toxins accumulated over the years. It treats athlete’s foot, gout heel pain, sinusitis, headache, flu and musculoskeletal tension. It is a favourite for its wonderful detoxification effects.


A relaxing treatment with warm oil specially blended to suit your needs. Nice soothing fragrant relaxes your mind and body while your hands and feet indulge.


Cleanses the skin and stimulates blood circulation which helps to eliminate fatigue, removes minor skin inflammation, relieves itchiness, exfoliates and removes dead skin surface. Moisturises the skin which makes the feet soft to the touch!


The blend of lemon oils on Dr. B’s products cleanses the pores without stripping the skin of its natural oil balance, while removing dead skin cells and lightens age spots. Infused with organic oils to deeply moisturize the skin surface with its rich nutrients.

Make your choice…!

Found the suitable foot bath for yourself yet? Our professional nailists are happy to assist and give you the right recommended foot bath for you to complete your classic pedicure experience.

What’s more, you do not have to break the bank to enjoy the healing and soothing benefits of our foot bath, as each foot bath is available with any classic pedicure service at only $10. So ask for our foot bath menu at your next pedicure session!

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