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Twenty Nails at Foot Locker’s Grand Opening in Jewel Changi

Twenty Nails at Foot Locker’s Grand Opening in Jewel Changi

jewel changi rain vortex
Jewel Changi HSBC Rain Vortex

On 11 April 2019, Jewel Changi opened its doors for the first time to the public. We were fortunate to be one of the first to get a glimpse of the magnificent creation. The HSBC Rain Vortex is truly majestic! Seeing it in person just left us in awe – the sight and the sounds come together to make us feel like we’re in a different place. I was told that this design was a brainchild of the same architect who designed Marina Bay Sands (that explains the familiarity of the Rain Vortex), but one thing that’s interesting is that this one was inspired by Avatar. Aha! No wonder it felt like in the movie (you have to be here to experience it yourself then you will know what I mean).

Our booth at Foot Locker

We were there for the opening of Foot Locker who engaged our services to provide complimentary express manicure for their shoppers. They also had a couple of activities for the shoppers who went during the opening including DJs. So nice of them!

Foot Locker is strategically located on level 1 and right next to Shake Shack.

This is our set up at level 2 inside Foot Locker which is the female and kids section. They have really cool sneakers, some of which are unique to Foot Locker due to their collaboration with the brands. The toddler sneakers are so adorable!!!

Twenty Nails at Foot Locker's Grand Opening in Jewel Changi

Foot Locker Nail Salon

The manicure area was comfortably tucked in a cozy private corner so the shoppers can enjoy the complimentary express manicure in privacy and with a view!

foot locker nail salon2
Foot Locker Nail Salon

Our manicurist started getting busy giving the ladies a nice Express Gelish Manicure each in just 20 mins, so that they can have more time to continue with their shopping! Since Gelish Manicure dries instantly, the ladies could try on their clothes and shoes without have to worry about damaging their newly manicured nails. Perfect! The response was great over the few days we were there.

foot locker maniure
Twenty Nails at Foot Locker giving manicure
foot locker maniure2
Twenty Nails at Foot Locker giving manicure
foot locker maniure3
Twenty Nails at Foot Locker giving manicurefoot locker maniure4

Twenty Nails at Foot Locker giving manicure

Even the young ladies came to get their nails done. Yup, never too young to start grooming yourself!

foot locker maniure6
Foot Locker Nail Salon

Happy ladies, happy us!

foot locker nail salon3

We are very grateful to be part of Foot Locker’s grand opening at Jewel Changi. Drop by their store to check out the latest designs if you’re at Jewel!

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