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Not too long ago, many of us were going crazy over metallic chrome nails. Now, metallic has gone a notch higher by giving you a three-dimensional colour with hologram nails. We love how the hologram effect looks on the fingertips – it is absolutely mesmerising, especially when being shone on with light (we’ll try to take a good video of it so you can see!).

Hologram in 6 different colours
Hologram in 6 different colours

Hologram on all fingers may be too OTT for some, especially if the boss doesn’t agree. Just like how you can pair chrome nails with painted nail art, you can mix hologram as part of the entire nail art design and pair them down with some painted art.

Hologram nails as part of your nail art design
Hologram nails as part of your nail art design

Hologram nail art is now available at Twenty Nails for $7 per nail and $60 for a full set (prices are for nail art only). You can choose multiple or all of the available six colors! This effect is only achievable on gelish varnish and not normal varnish. Anyway, who doesn’t want longer lasting nail art?

We are offering hologram nails while stocks last, so make your booking fast!

Make your booking for hologram nails by clicking on BOOK NOW. See instructions below:

  • Select any gelish service (we recommend Classic Gelish Manicure for more long lasting nail art, or Signature Spa Classic Gelish Manicure for more pampering treatment with your manicure).
  • Please also select a nail art option so that we can allocate time for hologram nail art: – scroll down and look for “DESIGN AND ADD-ONS”, select Promo Nail Art if you would like a full set hologram nail art. If you intend to have a more complex nail art, please select Complicated Nail Art. Nail art price will be based on final design.