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Twenty Nails and Foodpanda’s “Rooftop Revelry” event at Lepark

Twenty Nails had the pleasure of participating in the Rooftop Revelry event organised by Foodpanda at Lepark.

This was the inaugural Rooftop Revelry event which took place on 24th September 2016. It is a festival that fuses food, fashion and art to celebrate Singapore’s vibrant culture and food scene.

The event took place at the getaway spot, Lepark, located at the rooftop of The People’s Park Complex. The festival featured a stellar cast of local ‘hawker’ and ‘hipster’ food offerings and pop-up cocktail bars Oppa Chicken, Chicken Up, MEATLiquor, Shiberty Bakes and many more alongside – whilst taking in the good vibes from live bands.

There were also ‘make or buy’ at nifty craft stalls and contemporary art motifs by young creative talent – all on top of the industrial rooftop space.

It was a night where people had fun, tried the local hipster food, checked out local crafts, socialised and of course, got their nails groomed. The event was a great success and everyone had an enjoyable time!


That’s our nailist with Foodpanda’s mascot getting manicure. Who doesn’t like well manicured nails? 🙂

Mascot getting manicure at Foodpanda event

Who says manicure is only for ladies?

Manicure for men at Foodpanda event

More crowd flowing in as night falls. Ladies are getting ready for their night out!

Twenty Nails at Foodpanda's Rooftop Revelry event

And there’s an overwhelming response at our booth and our nailist was doing her best to serve every one!

Overwhelming response at Twenty Nails booth at Foodpanda event


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